The not-so-typical day in Safari life

The not-so-typical day in Safari life

It’s the one time you don’t mind hearing your alarm at 5:00 a.m. that’s because you’re about to set out on an adventure of a lifetime. As you throw on your casual clothes, a light jacket, running shoes and your hat, you grab your camera and head to the breakfast area. You quickly consume a cup of coffee or tea and a rusk (hearty Afrikaaner biscuit) before mounting the safari jeep. You breathe in the fresh morning air still moist with the dawn’s dew.

Rhino at SunsetAs the jeep leaves the lodge, you start to anticipate what might be the first animal you see. Your guide says that he hopes you will see the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion & leopard) soon. And just like that, 10 minutes into the trail, you soon see a rhino marking his territory. You marvel at this large, prehistoric looking animal in its natural habitat while the guide gives a full commentary on the rhino. And so it begins, one sighting after another, giraffes, impalas and buffalo. The lioness and her cuddly cub, the dominant, male elephant and the list goes on. All the while, the knowledgeable guide and savvy tracker provide insights into the animals’ behaviour and habits. Mesmerised by the these amazingly beautiful animals, you wonder how you could have ever missed this experience.

You return to the lodge after a three hour drive and as you sit down to your delectable full breakfast, you sigh at what you have just witnessed. After a leisurely afternoon at the beautiful lodge and a light lunch you get ready for your afternoon drive. You again search the bush with an eagle eye hoping to spot more of these splendid animals! Once you return to the lodge and freshen up, you look forward to enjoying dinner under the African stars. Over a glass of wine, you share your experiences with your fellow travellers before you head to bed. This is the not-so-typical day in the African bush.

Based on stay at Thornybush Waterside Lodge.

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