Overwhelming happiness and awestruck by natural beauty

Overwhelming happiness and awestruck by natural beauty

From the moment I stepped off the plane, South Africa inspired me, humbled me, excited me and floored me! I travelled with an incredible group of people who seemed to share all my emotions, that was truly a highlight – travelling with like-minded people. If I ever got separated from the group all I had to do was listen out for loud laughter and there they were, lol! Loved it!

I went through a wide range of emotions and feelings during the two weeks. I was awestruck by the natural beauty – Blyde’s Canyon, Table Mountain, Cape Point and the list goes on.

I felt overwhelming happiness at how far this country has come and conversely, overwhelming sadness at what it has gone through.

I learned so much about the struggle that Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa endured to get freedom. It was very educational and certainly humbling.

Our guides and drivers were professional and our bus was comfortable and always on time. We sipped fine wines, saw an incredible range of wildlife, visited a township, savoured the barbequed meat at a local Braii (BBQ) and met local South Africans. The infrastructure is incredible in South Africa and we felt welcome wherever we went.

By Kendria H.

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