My Trip to South Africa

My Trip to South Africa

What a great experience it was to go to South Africa with Integrity Tours!

Everything was well organized and we had a wide variety of things to stimulate our senses: Jazz performances, English high tea, the mist and the roar of the ocean at the Cape of Good Hope, the peaceful rustle of the grass at sunrise as the Big Five animals moved about on the plains on our safaris, the spectacular views from Table Mountain in Cape Town, and a wide variety of traditional and exotic food!

The guides and drivers were friendly and knowledgeable about present day life and the history of South Africa and gave us personal perspectives. We learned a great deal about Mandela and apartheid by visiting museums and historical areas. We found the people to be genuinely happy and welcoming. The children, at the school that we visited, performed for us by singing and dancing, were quick to smile, and wanted to visit with us afterwards. Since we were in a small group, we were able to do some additional things with our guides during our free time.

Our accommodations were very good and my travelling companion and I went walking alone in Johannesburg and Cape Town during the day and felt very safe. There is so much more that I will treasure in my memories and I have only given you a taste of what I have experienced. I would highly recommend this trip!

By Louise B. | November 2015

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