Food Explorations: Local and Lekker

Food Explorations: Local and Lekker

Lekker is South African slang and means tasty or pleasurable or very excellent. Originally referred to food, but used widely to describe any excellent or pleasurable thing.

Any good traveller knows that eating at local establishments is a must! I always look for places where locals eat and the prices are just right. There’s only so much wining and dining one can do, so a little meandering can go along way.

Akhalwaya’s Fast Foods

Akhalwaya’s Chip RollA great spot to visit in Johannesburg is Akhalwaya’s Fast Foods in Fordsburg for awesome burgers, pizzas and fish and chips. My all-time favourite is the Chip Roll, a simple roll filled with fresh chips (French fries) sprinkled with masala and ketchup. Sounds like carbs on carbs, but trust me it tastes amazing and hits the spot every time. They also have AK47 sandwiches which is filled with different types of meats and cheese. Although they are a fast food joint, all their foods are made fresh to order and have a just the right hint of spice.

Mzoli’s Meat

Just a little outside of Cape Town, there is a township called Guguletu (affectionately known as Gugs) where you’ll find the famous Mzoli’s. Make your way there on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to get a true township braii (bbq) experience. The place has a great vibe: dejays are blasting South African house-music, street vendors are selling their wares, there’s lots of young African fashionistas and tourists mixing and mingling. Get there early because the line-ups get longer as the afternoon progresses. You simply choose you lamb, boerwors, chicken or beef from the meat counter – make sure you ask for the special sauce! Your meat will be put in an enamel bowl and you’ll be given a number, at which time you can head out to the make-shift dining room. You can buy wine or beer at the local shops while you wait for your cooked meat. Suddenly your bowl will appear with scrumptious-looking, tasty meat. You can get a side dish of pap, a local staple…just dig in – it’s fine to use your hands! No cutlery provided.

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