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From the moment I stepped off the plane, I was instantly mesmerized by the beauty and the unique spirit of this wonderful country. It was my deepest pleasure and honour to travel for 14 days through South Africa with Integrity Tours. We visited Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

In Soweto, our group went to Vilakazi street, the only street in the world, where two Nobel Peace prize winners once lived, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Mandela's House

We had an outstanding guide who was born and raised in Soweto, he was extremely knowledgeable and insightful in his commentary. We visited many museums including the Apartheid Museum, Constitutional Hill, Freedom Park and Robben Island – each one of these places gave us more insights into the struggle against the apartheid regime. Some days we laughed, some days we cried, other days there was just silent reflection.

We realized in a very profound way that South Africa has emerged with such resilience and strength from its turbulent past.

Lioness in GrassEach day the experience became sweeter with more discoveries of the hidden treasures of South Africa. On our safari drive we saw elephants, giraffes, zebras and impalas – the cats were illusive but we managed to see them at the Lion Park. The natural beauty of Cape Town was unbelievable from Table Mountain to Cape Point. We were struck by the hospitality of the people, the extraordinary food and wine and the first rate infrastructure (roads, banks, hotels). Our accommodations were fantastic and each morning we were treated to a delicious and large buffet breakfast.

Off the beaten track, we visited a township where we were treated to a delicious “braii” (BBQ) of lamb chops, sausages and chicken served with the African staple of “pup” (cornmeal) and “chakalaka” (sauce). We danced to “kwaito” music under the afternoon sun. Our visit would not have been complete without a stop at a church in Cape Town where we were again welcomed by the Pastor and congregation.

I will never forget what I learned in South Africa. It is the African concept of “Ubuntu”, humanity towards others – “I am what I am because of who we all are”.

South Africa has inspired me to be a better person. I’m truly grateful for the experience.

Thanks to Ramie from Integrity Tours for taking care of us and offering insights that could only come from a proud South African!

By Belinda B.

From the moment I stepped off the plane, South Africa inspired me, humbled me, excited me and floored me! I travelled with an incredible group of people who seemed to share all my emotions, that was truly a highlight – travelling with like-minded people. If I ever got separated from the group all I had to do was listen out for loud laughter and there they were, lol! Loved it!

I went through a wide range of emotions and feelings during the two weeks. I was awestruck by the natural beauty – Blyde’s Canyon, Table Mountain, Cape Point and the list goes on.

I felt overwhelming happiness at how far this country has come and conversely, overwhelming sadness at what it has gone through.

I learned so much about the struggle that Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa endured to get freedom. It was very educational and certainly humbling.

Our guides and drivers were professional and our bus was comfortable and always on time. We sipped fine wines, saw an incredible range of wildlife, visited a township, savoured the barbequed meat at a local Braii (BBQ) and met local South Africans. The infrastructure is incredible in South Africa and we felt welcome wherever we went.

By Kendria H.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank for the wonderful way you organized, co-ordinated and facilitated my recent trip to South Africa. Your professionalism was unsurpassed. You went above and beyond what I expected and for that I am truly appreciative.

South Africa was a wonderful experience and a beautiful country. I learned so much about the country, the people and the culture. As a Canadian of Jamaican heritage this trip meant a lot to me as I always wanted to visit the motherland. There could not have been a better place to start than in South Africa.

I was especially moved by my visit to Robben Island and the Apartheid museum. I was equally impressed with the magnificence that is Table Mountain. I would be remised not to mention the visits we had to the wine vineyards. The wines of South Africa are just so delectable.

Kruger National Park was exciting and exhilarating. The abundance of wild life in their natural habitat can never be equalled by a trip to any zoo in the world.

I will be encouraging all my friends who are contemplating a vacation to someplace special to get in touch with you and Integrity Travels, as I know they will be looked after in the most hospitable way.

All the best and I wish you continued blessings as you provide excellent service and showcase your beautiful country of South Africa.

By Charles G.

What a great experience it was to go to South Africa with Integrity Tours!

Everything was well organized and we had a wide variety of things to stimulate our senses: Jazz performances, English high tea, the mist and the roar of the ocean at the Cape of Good Hope, the peaceful rustle of the grass at sunrise as the Big Five animals moved about on the plains on our safaris, the spectacular views from Table Mountain in Cape Town, and a wide variety of traditional and exotic food!

The guides and drivers were friendly and knowledgeable about present day life and the history of South Africa and gave us personal perspectives. We learned a great deal about Mandela and apartheid by visiting museums and historical areas. We found the people to be genuinely happy and welcoming. The children, at the school that we visited, performed for us by singing and dancing, were quick to smile, and wanted to visit with us afterwards. Since we were in a small group, we were able to do some additional things with our guides during our free time.

Our accommodations were very good and my travelling companion and I went walking alone in Johannesburg and Cape Town during the day and felt very safe. There is so much more that I will treasure in my memories and I have only given you a taste of what I have experienced. I would highly recommend this trip!

By Louise B. | November 2015