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Searching for hotels and tours can be time-consuming let alone reading endless reviews and trying to figure out which ones to believe. With a good travel advisor, you can get great information and testimonials from previous clients. You have the opportunity to ask questions and get the information needed quickly.



Travel advisors usually specialize in certain geographical areas or a certain type of travel. They can give you the in-depth information, tips and insights which may be difficult to get online. A travel advisor takes into consideration your preferences, budget and interests to put together an itinerary to make sure you get the best out of your trip.


Safety Net

Usually your travel advisor is a phone call or email away – so if you lose your luggage or miss your flight, you’ve got back up. A travel advisor helps you along the way especially if there are any bumps in the road!

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We get it! As much as you want to travel, it’s not always easy to come up with the entire amount to pay for your trip.

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So why not sign up for one of our convenient payment plans, you tell us how much you want to pay and when and we’ll set it up. This way you can keep your payments on track and before you know it – you’ll be all set to take the trip of your lifetime. Please note all payments must be received 90 days prior to departure.

Why are you passionate about South Africa?

I was born in South Africa during the Apartheid regime (segregation), and since we were considered “Non-Europeans”, we were denied basic human rights. We weren’t able to vote or own land, our mobility was restricted. Can you imagine? Laws governing where we could live or go to school.

We weren’t allowed to use the same buses, eat in the same restaurants or sit on the same benches as White people. So I grew up hating South Africa and after coming to Canada, I only went back to visit family. After 1994, when South Africa became a free country – I returned and couldn’t believe how much it had changed.

I went to places I never had an opportunity to visit and fell in love with the country. I’m grateful to all the people who fought for our freedom, those who sacrificed so much and to those who lost their lives. I’m passionate about South Africa because it is a country that has been through so much and still came out on the other side with so much resilience, forgiveness and Ubuntu! I’m thrilled to show people all that South Africa has to offer through our tours.


Why is South Africa a great destination?

South Africa is a magnificent destination which has something to offer every kind of traveler. Whether it’s a safari experience, a deeper understanding of a turbulent history, a cultural excursion or spectacular beauty, South Africa has it all. The people are outstanding, they are friendly, hospitable and always have a great story or joke to share. South Africa is more than a travel destination, it’s an experience that you won’t likely forget.

Why should people travel with Integrity Tours?

I would say that Integrity Tours offers travelers more than your average tours. We take the time to find out what you really like, the type of traveler you are, what kind of budget you want to work with and with this information, we put together an itinerary that is customized to suit you. When I travel, I like to get recommendations and tips on where to go, when is the best time to travel and so on. Sure you can do a search on the Internet but you may not know whether the source of that info is credible. With Integrity Tours, we specialize in South Africa – so we know first-hand about the travel experiences that are available. We are your trusted travel advisor and we make sure from start to finish you have a stress-free, seamless travel experience.

Have you dreamt about making a trip to South Africa? Well get ready to cross it off your bucket list.

Join us for an informative presentation on how to make your trip to South Africa a reality. We’ll tell you why this country is a fabulous destination: From safari adventures, wine explorations, spectacular scenery and amazing historical sites. Learn more about the upcoming tour with the Nikki Clarke Show in March 2017.

Tuesday May 3, 20167 – 9 pm
Le Creole Restaurant
810 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto

Hosted by Ramie Veerappan and Nikki Clarke
Full presentation, Q&A and door prizes

Please RSVP to or call Ramie at 416-768-5375

South Africa is a perfect family-friendly holiday destination with much to interest offspring of all ages. There’s beach fun, the thrill of seeing animals in the wild, theme parks, sports facilities and adventure activities.

Children-friendly facilities are found throughout South Africa. Hotels will oblige with inter-leading rooms, triple bed arrangements, cots, babysitters, feeding chairs at meal times And children’s rates. Self-catering options should also be considered, especially establishments which offer multi-roomed cottages and apartments.

In peak holiday time, when South African families take their annual breaks (notably the month of December), coastal resorts offer children’s entertainment programmes, movie theatres screen the latest family-oriented movies and there are special stage treats like the annual pantomime at the Civic Theatre in Johannesburg.

Theme parks such as uShaka Marine World in Durban, Gold Reef City in Johannesburg and Ratanga Junction in Cape Town are great children-friendly facilities in South Africa, as is the Two Oceans Aquarium, also in the Mother City. Sun City has restyled itself as a family-oriented resort with popular water rides at the Valley of the Waves, as well as animal attractions. Countrywide there are good zoos, bird parks, crocodile farms and reptile parks. Some of the private game lodges may not take children

Oudtshoorn_Cango Caves 1

Under 12, but the national parks are great for family-friendly holidays in South Africa.
If your South African sojourn includes a road trip, national routes are well supplied with ‘pit-stop’ conveniences incorporating gas stations, restaurant and restroom facilities.

Family-style restaurants in South Africa are good about offering children’s menus, and keeping the young ones busy with colouring books and crayons as they wait for their meals. Baby food, milk and nappies, are of course, plentiful in supermarkets. Children’s car seats are available from car rental companies and airlines will oblige with Bassinets, both with advance notice.

Of their 3 meals a day, most South Africans enjoy their main meal at night. Most hotels serve a full, delicious breakfast. On weekends, you may encounter large parties in cafes around mid-morning, as ‘brunch’ becomes increasingly popular for laid-back Saturdays and Sundays.
South African food etiquette is mostly Westernised, with some of its own oddities. For instance, it’s ok to eat pasta twirling it onto a fork with aid of a spoon, and lobster with your hands.

The popular braai (barbeque) is another occasion where you can use your hands. In rural areas, traditional stew and mealie pap are also eaten with the hands – use your right hand only and roll the pap into a ball with your fingers, then dip it into the stew and eat.

At fine dining restaurants, dress a little more formally towards a ‘smart-casual’ look. Most other eateries, however, are extremely informal, and in the many family-friendly establishments South African food and general etiquette is relaxed. it’s a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation, especially at the more popular establishments, which can be booked weeks ahead in peak holiday season.

If you are invited to dine at the home of South Africans or share a braai with them, it is good etiquette to take a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers, or a small gift as a token of appreciation.

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If you are a traveler with specific food requirements during your trip to South Africa, read on:

  • Certified halal food products and restaurants are available, controlled by the South African National Halaal Authority. Their website offers a directory of products and restaurants, of which there is a fair spread. Products certified halal are found in supermarkets.
  • Kosher food requirements in South Africa are supervised by the South African Beth Din. The choice of kosher restaurants is small, and is limited to areas such as Glenhazel and surrounds in Johannesburg, and the Sea Point area of Cape Town. Supermarket chains and delis stock kosher foods which carry the Beth Din stamp.
  • Vegetarian restaurants are few and far between in South Africa, although most restaurants do have vegetarian items on their menus. These options are sometimes a little indifferent, but the better eateries will have a surprisingly good selection. Check the online restaurant directories to locate vegetarian restaurants. Supermarkets stock vegetarian meals in their pre-prepared ranges.
  • Tourists with allergies and health issues, who require specially prepared foods in South Africa, will find our health shops stocked with alternatives from the preservative-free to the probiotic-rich. Most are staffed by personnel clued up on vitamins, supplements and natural options.

Tribute to Our MothersHonouring the mothers who inspire, empower & support us.
A special event exclusively by – and for – women.
Attend. Celebrate. Remember.

An inspiring motherhood panel you don’t want to miss!
Contribute to the Wisdom From My Mother quote wall
Artistic tribute to mothers we love & mothers we’ve lost
Mom & Me photo booth
Caribbean-inspired canapes & dessert bar
Door prizes including a hotel staycation

VIP guests:
Michie Mee, Trey Anthony, Vicki Saunders, Ebonnie Rowe, and Dr. Pamela Appelt

Namugenyi Kiwanuka
Hodan Nalayeh
Ramie Veerappan of Integrity Tours
Nichelle Kija-James Gray


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It’s the one time you don’t mind hearing your alarm at 5:00 a.m. that’s because you’re about to set out on an adventure of a lifetime. As you throw on your casual clothes, a light jacket, running shoes and your hat, you grab your camera and head to the breakfast area. You quickly consume a cup of coffee or tea and a rusk (hearty Afrikaaner biscuit) before mounting the safari jeep. You breathe in the fresh morning air still moist with the dawn’s dew.

Rhino at SunsetAs the jeep leaves the lodge, you start to anticipate what might be the first animal you see. Your guide says that he hopes you will see the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion & leopard) soon. And just like that, 10 minutes into the trail, you soon see a rhino marking his territory. You marvel at this large, prehistoric looking animal in its natural habitat while the guide gives a full commentary on the rhino. And so it begins, one sighting after another, giraffes, impalas and buffalo. The lioness and her cuddly cub, the dominant, male elephant and the list goes on. All the while, the knowledgeable guide and savvy tracker provide insights into the animals’ behaviour and habits. Mesmerised by the these amazingly beautiful animals, you wonder how you could have ever missed this experience.

You return to the lodge after a three hour drive and as you sit down to your delectable full breakfast, you sigh at what you have just witnessed. After a leisurely afternoon at the beautiful lodge and a light lunch you get ready for your afternoon drive. You again search the bush with an eagle eye hoping to spot more of these splendid animals! Once you return to the lodge and freshen up, you look forward to enjoying dinner under the African stars. Over a glass of wine, you share your experiences with your fellow travellers before you head to bed. This is the not-so-typical day in the African bush.

Based on stay at Thornybush Waterside Lodge.

International access to South Africa is via air travel. O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg is the major airport in South Africa and is the hub for 55 airlines from all 5 continents. The flights from New York or Washington are about 12 hours long. Another option from North America is to fly via Europe (Amsterdam, London, Paris etc) and then onto Johannesburg. Lots of international flights arrive in beautiful Cape Town as well. If you’re leaving from Toronto, go through the USA, Europe or try another more exotic route, fly via Dubai or Ethiopia!

Sunrise over Sabi River in Kruger Park

For the majority of foreign nationals who travel to South Africa for vacation, entry is straightforward and hassle-free. All visitors to South Africa must be in possession of a valid passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the day of arrival. Canadians and American nationals do not require a visa unless they plan to stay longer than 3 months. Make sure you have 2 blank pages in your passport for entry to South Africa. If you do need a visa contact your local South African Consul General’s office to assist you.

Blyde River Canyon