Take a journey that will change you forever

South Africa — discover a magnificent destination

  • a land of breathtaking natural beauty
  • abundant and awe-inspiring wildlife
  • a diverse and friendly people
  • a compelling history and culture
  • beautiful beaches
  • mouthwatering cuisine and award winning wines.

A first-world infrastructure and a highly developed tourism industry complements spectacular natural beauty.

Integrity Tours offers you an authentic travel experience to suit your lifestyle and budget. Whether you want a leisure trip or a golf tour, or you want to take part in one of our unique professional development tours — you will have an experience of a lifetime. Our fully escorted tours will allow you to sit back and relax and truly appreciate South Africa. You have an opportunity to meet like-minded travelers while enjoying the best of South Africa. Professional and expert hosts as well as local guides are on each tour — so you can take comfort in knowing you will not miss out on any of the highlights.

So whether you want to have dinner with a local South African family, connect with your South African colleagues or just relax at a safari lodge — we can make it happen. Trust Integrity Tours to make your journey to South Africa a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So come with us and create memories that will last a lifetime — or at least until you visit again.